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Every client need and culture is different and requires an individual solution. We are not a one-size-fits-all canned program. We smoothly engage alongside you, the CEO, to strengthen your staff in critical IT business functions such as:


  • Sales process development strategies, disciplines, measurement and, interpretation.

  • Sales accountability and Sales execution processes that get results without pain.

  • Sales recruitment and pre-offer selection and critique services.

  • Managed Services Program development and corresponding Sales strategies development.

  • Business development (growth) strategies for new and existing clients.

  • Proposal development processes that improve profits and reduce risks.

  • Project Management processes that maximize your technical resources.

  • Engineering utilization improvement practices.

  • Interim Senior Management.

  • Enterprise turnaround efforts.

  • Return-to-profitability execution.

  • Enhanced utilization of existing resources.

  • Merger and acquisition due diligence.

  • Merger and acquisition implementation.


Your initial consultation, during which you'll gain clarity and new insights into the business issues that concern you, is free of charge.


Take a moment to review our client references, which speak to the hard-won results we've achieved for our clients over the years.

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