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Client References

Due to the confidential nature of the work we perform for our clients, most of the references below are anonymous, although each client has agreed to personally verify their recommendation in a prequalified interview upon request.

David Bellini - Chief Operating Officer


Over the past several years Larry has been a strong ally of ConnectWise and has been instrumental in consulting with our partners. With the use of ConnectWise, he is able to build measurement databases to analyze items such as: sales trends, account executive sales activities, and engineering utilization. With this data Larry is able to make informed recommendations on business performance enhancement actions for his clients in the areas where they might need to improve.

CEO and Founder

65 Employee IT Services Organization


​Larry Gatza provided sales consulting services to my organization. He worked with my sales team to improve upon our current sales processes and procedures and did so in a very structured and organized manner. ​Larry also served as the interim Sales Director and was instrumental in recruiting our current Sales Director (as well as our Purchasing Agent). His sales knowledge and the client building techniques he implemented enabled my team to be more productive and thus more successful.


He was also very involved in several of our non-sales corporate functions and was a tremendous asset. ​​Larry is a team leader and has conducted himself in a most professional manner. I would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.


Cisco Solutions Provider


Our IT consulting company has been around for over 18 years and has a stable book of business. We have never had or felt the need for advertising or an active sales team. Previously, all our new business came to us by word of mouth and we had been successful at landing that new business.


Over the past few years our business grew stale and was not growing fast enough. After 8 years of my partner and I owning the company, it was time to make our move and grow; but the question was - how? We had no idea! We were not sales or marketing people.


This is when a discussion with our Cisco Channel representative informed us about Lawrence 

Gatza and Associates. So, why not try - we gave them a call...and this was one of the best business calls we have ever made!


Larry has given us the overall business advice, sales leadership and motivation that we have needed for a long time. He has helped us to strengthen our engineering team, assemble a sales team and to build a real sales and marketing plan.


Larry always has the growth of our business in mind, even if it means having to call us out on our mistakes or non-action as owners. We respect his business and sales experience and respect him as a trusted partner and a friend to our company.

Chief Operating Officer

2nd Generation LGA Client!


Larry Gatza understands what makes people tick in an IT consulting environment, and he is capable of bringing out the best and brightest qualities in the individuals that comprise any given team of IT professionals.


I had the pleasure of working with Larry during my first experience with IT consulting and the engagement was so personalized and holistically beneficial that I did not hesitate to contact him again after moving up in the market.


His work with me and my colleagues was beautifully tailored and expertly targeted to address not only that which held us back, but also that which we required to drive forward with unprecedented confidence.


Having witnessed the results for everyone involved during that first partnership, I did not hesitate to recommend Larry to my new employer as a knowledgeable partner whose expert advice would benefit us and our clients for years to come.

Acting CEO

25 Employee IT Service Company


​Lawrence Gatza and Associates was a great resource to our company. He came in, reviewed and improved our sales and service processes and procedures. It was invaluable in being able to cut through the issues we were facing, and working with us on tools to overcome them. We would engage with Larry again when we face greater obstacles.

Cisco Systems

Partner Account Manager


I met ​Larry Gatza when he began working with [VAR Name] in Ohio. He came into the organization with a confident structured sales approach. He immediately created an impact on the business. Larry was able to build immediate credibility with the management team, sales team and vendors. ​Larry's professionalism and knowledge impressed me so much that I referred him to three other Cisco Partners. ​Larry worked with each Partner with an amazing amount of discretion and made an immediate impact within all three organizations. ​


Larry is a solid man of integrity. I would recommend ​Larry to any company that is looking to succeed.

Chief Executive Officer

16 Employee Cisco UCS and Managed Services Firm


Larry Gatza has become a spring board for resolving issues that have previously hand cuffed our organization. I value his ability to enter into our organization, adapt the strengths of our business into operational best practices and in turn make us a much more dynamic company. The processes helped alleviate cash management problems, sales training questions and architect overall business vision.

Chief Executive Officer

Nationwide Datacenter to the Financial Services Industry


Larry's ability to identify top talent and develop them into high-performing sales professionals was truly exceptional. His leadership style was collaborative and inclusive, which fostered a positive and motivating work environment for his team. His focus on goal setting, coaching, and accountability created a culture of success that permeated throughout the organization.


Additionally, Larry demonstrated a keen understanding of the Managed Services/ Cybersecurity Technology industry, which helped to inform our overall growth strategy. His insights and recommendations were always well-researched and data-driven, and he was able to present his ideas in a clear and concise manner to our executive team.


Overall, Larry was an invaluable member of our organization, and I highly recommend him for any role in which his skills in sales team management and growth strategy planning would be valuable.

Cisco Systems

Tom Wells 

Manager, Partner Operations



I've known Larry Gatza for a number of years and he has proven himself to be a highly respected and sought after professional. His experience as a successful start-up business owner has provided him with a unique understanding of the technology systems integration business and the challenges they face.


The collaborative style of his consulting puts his customers at ease while at the same time challenges their thoughts and ideas on how to successfully grow their profitability. He helps executives drive toward greater success by identifying obstacles that are holding them back, and then leading them toward a successful resolution.


I've had the opportunity to recommend Larry to dozens of Cisco partners that asked for help beyond what I could provide for them. He has engaged in consultative relationships that have led partners to solve problems across numerous areas of business including sales and sales management, process and business operations, senior management mentoring and financial analysis.

​Larry's credibility is easy to measure from the results he has achieved. However, if you really want to understand the full impact of his capabilities, you need to meet with him. 


What brings everything together and makes it work is his integrity. Executives that have engaged with him have provided me with the kind of positive feedback that have made me a fan, and I will continue to recommend him to my customers.

CEO and Founder

26 Employee IT Services Organization 

I started working with Larry Gatza when I was at a point where I needed to grow the business but wasn't sure how to do it or what the first step should be. 


While working with Larry, we doubled our annual Gross Revenue and increased our Monthly Recurring Revenue by 300%.


Larry's framework approach to building our business was perfect. With his assistance, we could break down the different components of our business and strategically focus on the pieces that needed improvement.


We started tracking KPIs for the sales and service teams. The data we gathered helped us improve those teams and become better streamlined in our operations.


This all led to our business being recognized both on the CRN MSP 500 list of top MSPS and on the Channel Futures MSP 501 list of the top MSPs worldwide in 2021.


Larry was a great mentor to my team and me. He pushed us out of our comfort zones so we could be better individuals and better as a team. Making that call to work with Larry was one of the best business decisions I ever made.


I'm proud to know Larry professionally and as a trusted friend.

Chief Executive Officer

55 Employee IT Service Company


​Larry Gatza has been terrific to work with. He uniquely combines solid business and management skills with specific knowledge of the technology landscape. He hit the ground running with a no-nonsense approach to analyzing and solving nagging problems or capitalizing on emerging opportunities. ​


Larry delivers a straightforward and honest assessment that enables a busy executive to focus on the executables that are critical to success.

Chief Operating Officer

75 Employee Managed Services Organization


​Larry Gatza was able to bring a unique style and seasoned eye to many different issues. We found that his past business and consulting experiences provided deep perspectives across sales, marketing, finance, operations and all business areas. ​


Larry was always willing to roll his sleeves up and jump into the detailed work himself or spend time with key members to facilitate their own execution. ​


Larry's industry partnerships with vendors and similar companies proved to be very beneficial as we built out our relationships.

Managing Partner

15 Employee Solution Design Practice


Larry Gatza was the perfect sounding board for our management staff. He provided invaluable feedback about how best to interact with our employees to obtain maximum efficiency and, more importantly, job satisfaction for all.


He was forthright in pointing out our strengths and weaknesses and provided a simple path for us to follow to success. Larry gave us the confidence to forge ahead with plans and ideas that we had been hesitating on for years!


I cannot say enough about the complete thought process that he brought to the table. I would recommend his consultative services to anyone in the IT business.

Chief Executive Officer

14 Employee IT Managed Services Firm


​Lawrence Gatza and Associates was instrumental in teaching myself and my people how and why we were not achieving our full potential. Their no nonsense consultative approach enabled my people to take ownership of what they were doing. This changed the culture of our organization from a top-down pyramid style hierarchy to one of collaboration and enablement.


From 14 Employees to 70+ Employees Managed Services Firm

Larry Gatza has been instrumental to our business growth.  He has been a key partner to us, both internally and externally. 


By combining his experience and expertise, Larry has worked with our leadership team to strengthen operations before helping us build a sales engine that has resulted in sustained 30% growth year after year. 


Additionally, his understanding of our industry and the relationships he has built over time have exposed us to opportunities we never knew existed.

One of Larry’s greatest gifts is his ability to transition back and forth between strategic and tactical roles.  He knows how to interface with executives to drive change and help solve complex problems.  But when work needs to get done, Larry isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and work side by side with management and their teams, driving execution and enforcing accountability. 


He knows to empower when appropriate and can work as part of a team when needed.  He is professional, he builds trust, and he delivers results.

Over the years, our employees have developed strong relationships with Larry.  Not only do they view him as a business coach who has helped them get things done at work, but also as a friend who has pushed them to continuously set the bar higher and become a better individuals in life.

CEO and Founder

50 Employee IT Services Organization


​Larry Gatza was instrumental in overhauling our growing practice and helping us avoid the inevitable pitfalls as we grew.


During our 16 month engagement our company grew nearly 50% from an employee standpoint and an equal amount in revenue.


The best practice solutions he implemented to help us manage our sales and service department helped us manage that growth.


Those same practices and procedures enabled us to easily pass a difficult Cisco audit with flying colors. It is doubtful without the restructuring brought by his counsel that we would have passed it in record time.


If you are looking for an active member of your management team to provide wise counsel and a consistent message to your in-house team across the board, then ​Larry Gatza is your man.


We can't speak highly enough about the impact he has had on our operation.

CEO and Founder

28 Employee IT Services Organization

Larry Gatza was referred to us by a peer whose company had experienced impressive, sustained growth with Larry’s influence.  
Initially focusing on helping us build a business development organization and predictable sales, Larry’s strategic vision, attention to detail, and ability to foster accountability at all levels resulted in a team that more than doubled our recurring revenue in less than 18 months.  
When that success manifested itself in <engineering> operational challenges, Larry stepped in to provide much-needed strategic support to leaders in that part of the business.
Remote Business Owner

Returned business to profitability, provided Interim Senior Management and assisted in the sale of this Managed Service Provider.


Larry did a great job for us by completely changing our culture to a very positive, results oriented environment.


Over the eighteen month assignment with us, we experienced a significant turnaround and a very nice growth in profit margins.


I appreciated his direct, business-like approach and help with difficult employee and client situations.


I look forward to using his services again (in my other businesses) and I highly recommend Larry to any company wishing to improve their bottom line.


Lastly, I consider him a friend.


35 Employee IT Service Company


​Larry Gatza has contributed significantly to the organization in many ways. He has led the sales staff to be more structured, competent and stronger than ever. ​Larry has led the charge in creating numerous policies and procedures that allow us to function better as an organization.


He has given us a different perspective and improved the way we look at information that allows us to make better business decisions.

Business Partner

New Business Division of an IT Services Corporation


Lawrence Gatza and Associates has provided invaluable assistance to our organization. Once he began his consulting engagement, we quickly realized the value he provided in all areas of the business. Sales, Operations and Finance has greatly benefited from Larry's detailed management. His guidance enabled us to streamline our processes and procedures thus increasing profit margins.


I greatly respect his expertise and advice. I would certainly engage Larry at any time in the future.

Chief Executive Officer

Nationwide VOIP Provider to SMB market


Larry and I have worked together for the past four years. We started working together before I was CEO and continued well after. He supported me with the transition from a manager to a CEO. His insights into what areas I needed to focus on in the business were invaluable. During this time, Larry has helped me to home in on a more efficient sales process including KPIs and marketing. Our PSA and client documentation process was not performing at the level that we needed. Larry helped us vet, select and migrate to our new PSA. The new PSA documentation process has helped us improve our response times to our clients. Larry is always a phone call or email away when an issue arises.

Senior Project Manager

Leader of 4 Member Project Management Team


Larry Gatza's capacity to lead, mentor, and adapt is second to none and is invaluable to any organization that is unsatisfied with the status quo and looking for the next challenge.


His ability to think creatively to resolve complex issues and situations enhances his ability to provide professional consultation for those struggling to see outside of the box. We worked together through some very trying situations, and his ability to not only constantly try different angles to accomplish objectives, but also his unwavering ability to remain positive in every situation never ceased to amaze me.


After my experience with Larry Gatza and his leadership, I consider him a friend, mentor, and would trust him with any issue within my organization.

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